Our Story

Born from a need for genuine quality and opulent indulgence, CoccoLare Lux & Co. emerged under the visionary leadership of our founder, Shaima Noor.

What started out as a love for concocting her own body butters and candles slowly became a thriving small business in the bustling city of Maputo, Mozambique.

Shaima, a native of Cape Town, was inspired by a vision of elegance and indulgence that was lacking in the South African, luxury market. Motivated by this vision, she reached out to her dear friend Lieza Timms, then a respected Packaging Specialist at a renowned retailer in South Africa.

United by a shared desire for a new journey, Lieza quickly embraced the vision of Coccolare Lux and Co., and together, they embarked on an exciting adventure of creation and innovation of luxury candles, diffusers and body care products in Cape Town, South Africa.

In August 2023 Coccolare Lux and Co. was born.

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